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Britney has changed over the past 2 years and it's been a darn shame. She definitely isn't the best out there but she was good for her time..now look at what's happened to her.. this group won't be to bash britney ( well maybe ) but rather a support group for those who have become traumatized for the mess that she has become...let's come up with ways to save her y'all

Picture Of Britney Teaching Kids At Millenium

Posted By Lill McGill on Feb 28, 2008 at 1:18AM


Credit: Britney.cl

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LAPD Has Solution To Brit's Pap Problem - Stay Home More!

Posted By Lill McGill on Feb 22, 2008 at 11:38PM

LAPD Chief William Bratton spoke to KPCC FM about the proposed "Britney Law" to keep the papparazzi in check. He suggests instead of creating a whole new law, that Britney should just stop galavanting all over town, stay home and get help.

He told 89.3 KPCC-FM:
“What we need is for Britney Spears to stay home instead of traipsing all over town. That would solve the problem. We don’t need additional laws…I’ve got laws coming out my ears to deal with this issue. What you have is several young women in this town and several young men basically making fools of themselves and tying up not only my resources but the resources of the media that would do better covering legitimate stories instead of a bunch of airheads running around out there. Quite clearly some of these characters so favored by the paparazzi are clearly in need of services. Not police services, but psychiatric services.”

Image Source: Go Britney.com

Britney Will Get To Visit Her Kids Again - With Jamie Present

Posted By Lill McGill on Feb 22, 2008 at 10:57PM

TMZ.com: We broke the story that lawyers for both sides have agreed to visitation in a therapeutic setting. Now we've learned the specifics. The kids can visit with momma, provided Jamie Spears and her psychiatrist are present. There are other strings, but at a minimum Jamie and the shrink are required.
We're told both sides are impressed that Jamie has stabilized Britney and the whirlwind surrounding her crazy life, and that's a core reason why a deal was struck.
Sources say Britney will begin seeing her kids again imminently.

Image Source: Britney.cl

Federline's lawyer talks to E! about Jamie Spears, Brit, the kids, and Lutfi

Posted By tati33 on Feb 22, 2008 at 10:26PM


Mark Vincent Kaplan Tells E!: "None Of This Would Have Happened If Jamie Spears Had Not Been Involved."

Kaplan Wants Britney To See Her Kids "As Soon As Possible," And He Calls Sam Lutfi's Restraining Order "A Good Thing"

Kaplan Tells E! Visits Will Happen In The Presence of Jamie Spears, A Psychiatrist And "More … Than Just Those Two People In The Room"

Los Angeles, CA - February 22, 2008 – E! News cameras caught up with Kevin Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan exclusively today at a Century City restaurant where he opened up about the latest developments in the Britney Spears' legal drama.

On Jamie Spears' involvement:

• "With Jamie as the conservator, it puts a lot of different dynamics into the case that were necessary but not present before … Obviously, Jamie is somebody who is reliable, that has the best interest of the petitioner in mind. He has so to speak cleaned house and got everyone away from her that he didn't feel were necessarily acting in her best interests."
• "I think that his presence in the case is an extreme positive, and it helps to stabilize a situation that was wildly in flux. At least I don't have to be nervous about what [the] situation is over at the residence where visitation might be taking place."
• "You have children in the middle, and you always have to keep a view of that … You cant go into court regardless of how impassioned you're plea is with something you know is not reasonably going to be perceived as what is best for the children."
• "None of this would have happened if Jamie Spears had not been involved"

On Sam Lutfi:

• "The fact that he's served is a good thing ... I think it is a good thing, and I think it just gives the conservator more control over the situation and certainly protects against outside contact that probate court is trying to stop."

On K-Fed's parenting:

• "He's doing great, and he's with the kids 24-7, but he looks forward to developments in the future whereby the children will have a mother who will participate in their lives. That's his goal, that's Mr. Spears' goals, that's her lawyer's goal. So in that regard we are all on the same page."
• "Jamie has always been able to see the kids at Kevin's house, as well as Lynne Spears, and that's certainly going to continue."

On K-Fed's job offers in "TV, movies, some legitimate theatre offers as well," and how that might affect his kids:

• "I don't think it will affect the kids because what he takes will be based in part on his availability to be there. That's extremely important to him. He certainly wouldn't take any offer that would deprive the children of his presence."
• "He is a hands-on dad. I've seen them there, and he's there with them all the all the time. He's parenting them all the time, and he enjoys it. And it's fun to watch!"

For more on this story and all of your entertainment news, log on to www.eonline.com any time or tune-in to E! News every night at 7pm and 11pm ET/PT.

Source: http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/20735645.html

Danja & Keri Hilson talk about working with Britney Spears

Posted By tati33 on Feb 22, 2008 at 10:23PM

Keri Hilson was saying because Britney wouldn’t open up about her own personal experiences, it made it tougher to write for her. Did you find that it made it harder for you as well?

It wasn’t hard for me in the creative process with Britney because I was totally left to do pretty much whatever I wanted to. If she felt it, she was gonna ride with it. If she didn’t, you’d see it in her face. I don’t think she needed to open up. She did have one record where she’s mentioning certain things, but it’s in a clever kind of way, not necessarily pouring her heart out. We’ve known Britney for entertaining, dancing and giving you a sexy record, getting you moving. And that’s what we did. Unfortunately, she’s in the state that she’s in, but the music speaks for itself. In the studio she was dancing, laughing in the booth. She gave the right type of energy. That’s all that matters.

Did it disappoint you that the public didn’t respond as well to her VMA performance as they did to the actual “Gimme More” song?

It didn’t bother me until nine months down the line. I was like, "I wish she could’ve really nailed that performance ‘cause that really would have set it off." It was still top five [on the Billboard] Hot 100. I didn’t think the performance was really that big of a deal. She looked a little spaced-out. To me it looked like she was completely nervous. She hadn’t been on stage in I don’t know how long. During the performance, I was watching like, "Just give me that one pop to let me know you back." And it never happened. I was rooting for her regardless.

At the end of “Gimme More,” you were talking on the record. What prompted that?

[Laughs.] I just felt like I needed to say something. People haven’t really seen me or heard my voice, and that was one of my first solo productions. So I definitely had to stake my claim. There's a lot riding on my future, because people think I’m around because of Tim and they don’t really know what I’m capable of. After we mixed that record, I just knew that record was crazy. Period. We got all these hit records and I haven’t got any on my own. Well, here’s one.

Has all the drama overshadowing Britney’s project and Duran Duran's lackluster sales had any affect on you?

It definitely weighed on me. At one particular point last year, I felt like, "Man, I did all this work, and it ain’t pop like it’s supposed to pop." I was down for a little bit. It wasn’t that I wasn’t proud of my work. It’s just things with the business that sometimes happen that affect your music. You could put your all into the music, and it’s some executive decision that ruined it. I don’t count it as a failure. It’s just a lesson learned. In the Britney case, every producer, songwriter or arranger on that record did their thing. The record label did their thing. That was just something uncontrollable on her part. Duran Duran [is] an old group, [and] a lot of people are not familiar with them. Not saying that it’s over for them. It’s just a matter of reintroducing them.

source: http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/20735202.html

Britney Gets Her Hair Did + Spends Time With Dad

Posted By Lill McGill on Feb 18, 2008 at 12:58AM

Britney Spears and her Daddio stepped out to dinner at Social Hollywood. Jamie seems to have been a positive force in her life since he became the convservator of her estate, she has stayed out of trouble and managed to have little drama in her life. :WOOHOO:

Brit Brit also showed off some sleek new hair with red streaks - This effort appears alot better than the last one that was said to have happened. Hopefully it lasts and doesn't end up looking like a developing ants nest again... :pray:
Click on the thumbs to enlarge.

Source: Britney.cl

Conservatorship In Trouble And New Trustee

Posted By Lill McGill on Feb 15, 2008 at 4:29PM

The Commissioner in Brit's conservatorship had extended Jamie Spears turn as conservator until the next hearing on March 10.
However, this may be challenged.

TMZ.com: In a bizarre twist, a lawyer in NYC has filed legal papers in Federal court, asking that Britney's conservatorship case be taken away from L.A. County Superior Court.
In the documents obtained by TMZ, attorney Jon Eardley claims Britney's rights have been snatched away from her and she has been cut off from life as she knows it.
Eardley claims, "It is doubtful that Ms. Spears can receive equal protection and a fair trial or hearing in the custody proceedings because of the intense media scrutiny of what would normally be private aspects of a person's life." It appears Eardley wants an injunction issued in federal court, asking the judge for the power to protect Brit in the custody case as well.
The documents allege "the deprivation of her civil liberties by the conservator is so severe as to interfere with the effectiveness of the scheduled medications that are covered by the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act." This appears to be an attempt to get the Federal court to accept jurisdiction.
It is unclear on whose behalf Eardley is acting. We're told Sam Lutfi and his publicist, Michael Sands, have something to do with the filing, though the exact nature of their involvement is unclear.

TMZ.com is also reporting that Britney's 30-year-old brother Bryan and attorney Ivan Taback have been granted the authority to serve as co-trustees.
According to documents filed today, Britney is the sole trustee of the trust. But, according to the trust, "an individual Trustee shall cease to act as Trustee hereunder if he or she is under a legal disability or if by reason of illness or mental or physical disability, in the written opinion of two doctors then practicing medicine, he or she is unable to manage his or her affairs."

Image of Britney above from Britney.cl, Image of Britney and Bryan below GoBritney.com.

Britney And Paris in Vegas '06

Posted By Lill McGill on Feb 15, 2008 at 4:09PM

Some new pictures of an older time. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Credit to Oh No They Didn't and Breathe Heavy.

Britney Teaching Kids To Dance

Posted By Lill McGill on Feb 11, 2008 at 11:59PM

Above is Britney at Millenium Dance Studio yesterday. Elegant as always ;)

I came across this article and thought I'd post it as... It's not the normal Britney news. I'm even wondering if its completely fake :ROTFL:


OK! Magazine: For a group of L.A.-area kids with dreams of being a dancer, a lesson from a famous hoofer is a memorable experience — and when that dancer happens to be Britney Spears, it's sure to be a day they'll never forget!

And that's exactly what's happening Monday night at the Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood, where the recently troubled star is continuing to try to get her life back in order by doing what she does best — entertaining. Except tonight, it's not just a couple of friends or family members looking on as Brit rehearses for her upcoming video shoot — it's a group of pre-adolescent dance students.

Brit arrived at Millennium, a favorite refuge of hers, around 6pm PT on Monday, hidden from the paparazzi. She was greeted by a group of eight children ages 4-9 — and certainly more than a few star-struck parents. An eyewitness tells OK! that Britney went up to each child and asked them their name and whether they liked Madonna, because that was the song they would be dancing to this evening.

Maya Meek, whose 8 year old son is in the class, tells OK!, "He didn't really know who Britney was, though he dances to all of her music. So when I told him 'this is the lady who makes all the songs you like,' he got very excited," says Meek. "He learned about Britney through Jamie Lynn, because he's a big fan of Zoey 101."

Even though Britney could easily charge an enormous amount of cash for tonight's lesson, she's working on a volunteer basis, and it isn't the first time.
Britney has shared her years of dance experience with pre-teen hopefuls before. In the not-so-distant past, she would often pop in for surprise tutorials at Millennium.
Let's only hope that these lessons, like her regular rehearsals, become part of Brit's new career-focused routine!

Class ended at 6:50 p.m. An eyewitness tells OK! that the kids learned a variety of fun dances, including "the fish," "the swim" and "the choo choo train" in which the kids grabbed onto each other and hopped around like a train making choo choo noises. Brit then had the kids show off some of their own moves. The group formed a circle and each one got to dance alone in the center of the circle.
All in all, it sounds like everyone had a good time tonight, including Britney.

Source: OK!



Image Source: Britney.cl and Dlisted.com

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Britney Gets Her Hair Did

Posted By Lill McGill on Feb 9, 2008 at 3:44PM

Four hours for this?! :ROTFL:

Dlisted.com: PageSix.com reports that Brit Brit summoned hairstylist, Kim Vo, to her home yesterday to work on her weave of mass destruction. He spent 4 hours on her and she wanted something "long and sexy." Kim said he overheard her talking on the phone and saying, "I want to start focusing again; I want to figure out the system." He said she talked in her British accent and then acted like she was her own assistant saying that she couldn't wait to get her cars back and go outside. Did Daddy Spears take the cars away? Hopefully.

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Above is Britney leaving Millenium Dance Studios the day after getting her hair done. On the way home, In the video below, she was seen arguing with her driver/bodyguard in the car because he wouldn't let her stop somewhere.

Source: Dlisted.com, Images Dlisted.com and Britney.cl

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